Three Fedoras

This past 2nd Friday Longmont Arts Night was a lot of fun. Besides Mayor Leona and Bernie stopping by to chat for a while, Alex Tingley appeared and told me how he had the mono print portrait I did of him framed and hanging in his office. His friend Chuck had bought one of the prints a few years ago and gifted it to Alex.

I had not met Alex before I did the portrait. He’s a business man who has an office not far from my home, and I would spy his picture on a sidewalk placard advertising his business when walking Chester.


Memorial 56

Memorial 56

Walking in a park near my home, I noticed a memorial bench with offerings of flowers, balloons, and other items. Across the sidewalk was a tree festooned with cutouts and this flower.

I grabbed the image with my phone and have been working on this painting for a few weeks. I think it’s about done.

Mighty Like a Rose

Rose Mighty

I’ve been working on this painting over the past few months, the work a bit more strung out than usual because of summer traveling, guests and home construction. This is our cat, Rose.

I caught her on our patio, meowing for attention. From a snapshot, I added a background that suited Rose in her royal glory.

This is still not quite finished, but close.