Mighty Like a Rose

Rose Mighty

I’ve been working on this painting over the past few months, the work a bit more strung out than usual because of summer traveling, guests and home construction. This is our cat, Rose.

I caught her on our patio, meowing for attention. From a snapshot, I added a background that suited Rose in her royal glory.

This is still not quite finished, but close.

Above the Catrina Ball

Snapshots from Friday night at my studio above the Catrina Ball going on in the Firehouse Art Center main gallery downstairs.

Chuck bought a Winking Dog print. 
Face painting was part of the party. I decided to forgo, but many painted faces appeared. Rheanna Medina and friend showed off fantastic face paint.  

 Rheanna is a professional model who has posed for life drawing groups I have attended. Here she is posing with 2 drawings from my sketchbooks.