Solid Gold Shakey

solid gold shakey

Here’s another print pulled from the Shakey stencils.

I’m trying out metallic paint, in this case bright gold.



3 thoughts on “Solid Gold Shakey

  1. Hi Dwayne,
    Hope all goes well. Interesting. solid gold shakey. I wonder how different it is on LCD screen compared to in person–because the gold on texture has nice variable reflective properties. Too this cat’s eyes are quite striking, all the more so with the use of white space against the gold surround.

    • Hi Tom,
      I’m still experimenting with ways to get a metallic effect. In this piece, I used acrylic gold paint. I had to do several coats, with an undercoat of yellow. It works, but it’s not quite looking like metal. I’m going to try applying gold leaf to the surface to see how that works. Also, I am looking into painting directly onto a metal surface; I need to find metal panels to suit this work, as well as how to prepare them, what kind of paint to use, etc.

      happy holidays and keep in touch

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