I’ve started a new pastel, of an old subject matter (for me): pears.  I wanted to see how this still life would work out using pastels.  This in progress, but coming along.  I’m finding I can get a finished product faster in pastels than in oils.

Here’s Chester sitting in front of the staging box I put together to control lighting of the still life.

Colorado Flooding

sunset1Weeks after the flooding, I’m still getting to places in my neighborhood that I hadn’t seen closeup since the flood.  This is a view of Sunset Street, looking south.

The missing section was a bridge that was over the St. Vrain River and Greenway.

The river is much wider than pre-flood.sunset2 The terrain has changed so much I barely recognized it.

The only good thing about the recent Washington budget battle is that when Congress finally voted to end the shutdown, a bill to give Colorado 250 million dollars for flood repairs was added.  Maybe Longmont will get the trail back sooner than I expected.



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