Mercy, too

Mercy2Another graphic design based on an old ink drawing I created for a rock band poster.

The drawing is of Peter Lorre in the movie ‘Mad Love‘, a classic from the 30s.

Other Art Forms | The Best of Cilla Black

I’ve been listening to ‘The Best of Cilla Black’. Cilla was a British pop star in the 1960s who was most famous in the US for ‘Alfie’.  Lennon and McCartney wrote some original tunes for her (Step Inside Love and It’s For You).  Much of her 60s output was produced by George Martin.

Although she dropped out of airplay in the US, she is an institution in England.  Besides continuing to sing, she’s a TV star, having hosted many TV shows.  She’s also an OBE.

Her music from the 60s is terrific.  She did other great Bacharach/David tunes, like ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’.  She recorded a tune written by Alan Price (of The Animals) for a sequel to the movie ‘Alfie’, called ‘Alfie Darling’.  Price also appeared in the film as Alfie.  I have not seen it . . . .


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