Pictures From a Drawer

Todays sketch was based on a photo from ‘Pictures From a Drawer (Prison and the Art of Portraiture) by Bruce Jackson.

This book offers a fascinating angle on portraits.  Jackson points out that almost none of the people involved in prison photography is an avid participant.

Of course, the suspect/convict doesn’t want to have a picture taken.  And the government employees that take and process the photos have no interest in art or self expression.

The result are portraits that almost always capture their subject a profound low point; either on their way to or in prison.

Other Art Forms | The Marty Stuart Show

I’ve been enjoying The Marty Stuart Show, shown weekly on the RFD-TV.  His band is first rate, and the guitar interplay is a joy to watch.

Marty gets outstanding guests.  Recent shows have featured John D. Loudermilk, Bobby Bare, and (above) Deke Dickerson.  Watch as Deke, Kenny Vaughn and Marty dazzle with virtuosity.


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