Young Chester

Looking thru old (last year) photos, I noticed this shot of my faithful dog Chester.  I did a quick color pencil sketch based on the photo.

I know this goes against the approach I’ve been advocating lately, namely, not doing ‘posed’ portraits.  Chester looks like he’s aware that he’s being captured . . . . but can a dog (or any animal) really pose, in the way a human does?

My graphic design work has interrupted my drawing flow.  I’m glad to be so busy, but also regret the lack of time available to draw.


One thought on “Young Chester

  1. nice….we were visiting my niece who has a 9-month old, and my wife as taking care of him while the mom went out for an errand. He woke up and saw my wife not his mom and as my wife said–he looked ‘resigned’–this after his first week of day care. I said, ‘that seems like an older child’s response.’ Dogs not being babies, it’s not an entirely apt reflection I suppose. But expressions and their meaning are so interesting in this micro moments.

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