Latin Dance Party Revisited

I got a chance to finish this drawing, which I had begun last week.  It’s another scene from the recent FAC Latin Dance Party.

This angle shows my wife Holly (far left), with Natasha and 2 other women who’s names I don’t know.

This composition fits the direction I’ve been thinking about, which is bodies in a context.  I also have been mulling over doing a series of drawings that might form a narrative.  I also like the idea of trying to ‘document’ a moment in time thru a series of drawings.

Latin Dance Party – Detail


2 thoughts on “Latin Dance Party Revisited

  1. Hey Dwayne,
    I went to an exhibit at the Boston ICA (Contemporary Art) that was about dance and the relationship to drawing & other arts–very interesting set of many different studies of how representation over time (slices) in drawing and dance as sequences of movements over time relate.

    speaking of latin dance party !

    I have always been fascinated by the continuity we come to know from discrete experience (within and across senses, in a moment and across moments).

    In mediation world the notion of past and future is very tied up with the concept of interdependence (of all ‘life’) in the present moment–and history itself is expressed at this moment, as that is all there is.

    The unfolding is the paradox.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the link.

    And thanks for your comment about continuity, past and future. You’ve helped articulate what I think I’m trying to do in these drawings, but was having trouble putting into words.


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