More Like Chi Chi

It was a beautiful day in Longmont.  After a nice morning bike ride, I went to my studio to continue working on my portrait of William ‘Chi Chi’ Ledesma.

I began by scraping some of the paint off of the nose area; the texture was looking kinda lumpy, and I didn’t want the texture to overshadow the paint strokes.  After scraping, the face needed more paint to repair the area.  I worked on this as I painted the background and clothing areas.

Another layer of green gradient was added to the background.  I wanted to make the light source (coming from the right) to be more pronounced.  I also wanted to create a ‘halo’ affect on his back line, so I added a white outline, then blended with the green gradient.

On the shirt, red violet with a white mixture was added to bring out the dimensions.



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