Holly Go Lightly

Today I dramatically lightened the background, keying off the radiant green of the blouse.  I think the brighter background is better.

I reworked parts of the face, specially her right side; I had painted it a bit too slim, and not the right lines from the ear to chin.  It will take several layers of paint to build the surface (and cover the previous jawline lines).

Also much work on the skin tones, using the ‘new’ lighter background colors to inform highlight areas on the face, neck and chest.

I feel the painting is starting to come together.  More work is needed, but I think I’m on the right track.


One thought on “Holly Go Lightly

  1. Great progress! When I put my thumb on the screen over the lower part of her face, beneath her mouth, she looks more like my real friend Holly. Maybe it’s just a bit too long there. It affects the whole–rather makes everything a bit elongated. A terrific portrait. You’re a master…

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