Life Drawing at Rick Stoner’s

I had an opportunity to do life drawing today.  It was at the neighboring studio of Rick Stoner.  Joanna Young, Firehouse Art Center Director, helped arrange the session.  She was among the 5 artists that drew.

It was a treat for me, since Rick & my studio are joined by a connecting door.  I only had to haul my pad and pencils about 10 feet.

We had a 3 hour session, with one long pose.  See my sketch above.

I spent the early afternoon working on the portrait of Holly.

I began by painting the background blue.  Then I spent time adjusting the skin tones.  I wanted to make them darker in general.  I have a habit of going too light on skin tones, and it takes a conscious effort not to go to the light.

Something’s off with the chin and mouth, and I didn’t get to the hair at all, which needs continued layering.


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