Holly Day

Caught up on some graphic design work this morning, then off to the studio to work on Holly’s portrait.

I went to Boulder with my son Fred yesterday.  We went to look at guitars.  Fred’s been taking lessons, and his playing is improving.  He’s playing an old Harmony guitar he glued together; it’s ok, but not optimal.  We plunked on various instruments at Robb’s Music in Boulder.  A couple of the Yamaha guitars were very nice, and affordable.

I also bought art supplies; paint, boards and spray varnish.  Rick Stoner, my neighbor at FAC studios, told me he used them.   Truthfully, it never occurred to me that varnish could be sprayed on a oil painting surface.  I’m gonna try it, I got matte and satin.  I’ve been using Liquin to varnish, but it’s a bit too glossy for my taste.  Or so I think.  Let’s see how these sprays work.

Today I piled the paint on, working to build up a credible surface.  I think I made progress, but still miles to go.

View from the easel


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