Painting Walt | Day 6

Portrait of Walt Lyons

Back to the studio today.  First I tried to finish organizing the colored paper and tissue that I took out of my now departed flat files.

Then I turned back to the portrait.  I started with the background, adding opaque earth green mix over the glaze I put on last week.  I needed to have some help re-shaping the top of the head, and the green created the new boundaries.

I focused on the plate of spaghetti, adding layers of browns and yellows.

Stepping back, I realized the background was not dark (value) enough when compared to the figure, so I took it down a few notches.

I then added shading to the top of the head, and worked the shading under eyes, nose and lips.

I think it’s just about done.  Time to put aside and start something else.

Below is a montage of my studio view from my easel.  Apologies to David Hockney.

The view from the easel


3 thoughts on “Painting Walt | Day 6

  1. Looking good Walt it—- hey, how ’bout that clean studio—you’re
    an inspiration- I’ve been cleaning, reorganizing, giving away and
    throwing out.

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