Painting Walt | Day 5

Portrait of Walt Lyons | in progress

More Walt work yesterday.  I’m trying to finalize the head by adding glazes to the shadowed areas. I think I need to work on the forehead and upper head areas a bit more to get the proper roundness.

I added an earth green glaze over the background, but I’m not sure if it even shows up.  I’ll try a few layers of it and see if it makes a difference.

Also worked on the shirt, adding more whites and green glaze from the background.

And I also concentrated on the plate of food, trying to build the mass and texture of the spaghetti.  It’s going to need at least one more session to look good.

Portrait of Walt Lyons | Detail


2 thoughts on “Painting Walt | Day 5

  1. Sorry i hadn’t been following this all along but someone in the family mentioned the picture of Walt. Thank you for a wonderful likeness of my boyfriend. you’ve really captured his spirit. Hope you are as happy with it as I am. Patty

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