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You Know Me

You Know Me - Jackie DeShannon 2001

I had a lucky find at the Longmont Public Library last week; in the used CD shelf at the bottom of the stairs, I found ‘You Know Me’, by Jackie DeShannon.

As a fan of 60s music, I couldn’t resist.  Jackie is responsible for some iconic music.  “When You Walk Into the Room”, What the World Needs Now is Love” & “Bette Davis Eyes” are just a few songs in her wide ranging catalog.

‘I Know You’ was released in 2001, and shows that Jackie  skills as writer and performer have not diminished in time.  The CD is a technicolor, CinemaScope rock/pop epic.

There are many high points.  ‘Any Heart’, ‘I Know You’, ‘There Goes the One’ . . . it’s hard to stop.  There’s an ecology/political theme threading through the lyrics, but also simple, direct relational subjects.

The album reminds me of one of my favorite 2010 releases; ‘The Promise’ by Bruce Springsteen.  This was a retro-re-release of music not included in ‘The Darkness at the Edge of Town’ album of 1978.  ‘The Promise’ displayed Bruce in his classic pop writer mode.  Most of the tunes on ‘The Promise’ sound like lost Brill Building epics.  The same feeling illuminates ‘You Know Me’.

In fact, Jackie channels Bruce on several cuts.  And her backing band is ‘E Street’ all the way, without having any of that band’s actual members.  The opening cut, ‘Steal the Thunder’ can be read as an answer to ‘Thunder Road’.

Jackie DeShannon on Shindig (1968)

I would love to read a good biography of Jackie.  She’s participated in and witnessed some of the great moments in rock history; working with Jack Nitsche, the Byrds, the Beatles and many others.

On the back of the ‘You Know Me’ CD, there is a personal note from Jackie.  Here’s a quote:

” My dream has been to reconnect with you through music in which I deeply believe.”

Mission accomplished.

Jackie and George Harrison




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