Other Art Forms | The Paris Sisters Sing Everything Under the Sun

The Paris Sisters

I’m a fan of 60s pop music, and one of the most exciting periods in an eventful decade was the early 60s Brill Building era.  There was so much great music recorded then, that it’s difficult to track it all.  It’s possible to still discover great music that you’ve never heard before.

A Girl Group Anthology

I recently added to my girl group cd collection with ‘Growin’ Up Too Fast’, a Girl Group anthology.  There are a few chestnuts on it; I dunno if I really need to hear ‘Leader of the Pack’ again anytime soon.  But most of the collection is stuff I’d not heard by artists unknown.  And the majority of it is wonderful, if you like this sort of thing.

A few cuts were by the Paris Sisters, famous for their 60s hit ‘I Love How You Love Me’, a breathy, quiet tune produced by Phil Spector.  None of their other efforts matched the success of their sole hit, but, artistically, they are worth seeking out.  Their cover here of ‘Dream Lover’ (the Bobby Darin hit), is terrific.  Sounds like a Spector production, but he’s not on it.  This cut led me to seek out ‘Sing Everything Under the Sun’.


Turns out the sisters had been in show biz long before the 60s; they started as Andrews Sisters emulators.  It was Spector who invented their 60s style, on the spot, in the studio.  They stuck to that style ever after.  One of their final efforts was ‘Sing Everything Under the Sun’, produced by Jack Nitzsche, who worked with Spector, and just about every other 60s artist you can think of; Neil Young, Rolling Stones, etc.  The result is a high watermark of the genre.  Great original tunes by Priscilla Paris and covers of ‘It’s My Party’ and others are all fantastic.

One ironic thing about the title is ‘Everything’ only takes the Sisters 30 min to cover; they’re efficient!


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