Pink + Green + Blue

I managed to spend some time in my studio this afternoon.  Thank goodness it’s air conditioned, it was 95 degrees here today.  I worked on my painting, layering warm yellow/oranges/reds in the background.

While I was working on the painting, I was talking to my mom via wireless headset.

Agnes In the New World (in progress)

I added muted accents of green and blue to the foreground, and also worked some hot reds into the shadows of the pink jacket.  I’ll work more on building the pink areas next session.

Agnes In the New World (Detail)

The background also needs more layering, particularly in the brush/weed/ground section.  Not so much more colors as more layers of the same colors.

Agnes In the New World (Detail)

Also worked on making the 2 Indians on either side more convincing . . . which is tricky, because they’re not real, but mannequins trying to look real.  How do I keep the mannequin essence in a painting where everything is an imitation of real life?

My studio's east wall


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