Building Up to Pink


View from the chair

I was able to get to Boulder on Thursday, get a new battery for my laptop, and pick up some oil paints I’ve been wanting for this painting.  I was running low on mellow yellows and orange, prime ingredients for this piece.

My Thursday paint purchase

I went to Guiry’s, which has a good selection of brands and colors. They carry one of my favorites, Gamblin.  I find it much more satisfying to buy paint in person than ordering online. Unfortunately, Guiry’s brush selection is not to my liking.  I’ll have to order my favorite Dick Blick brand brushes online.

I need to use pink in this painting (my Mom’s jacket).  I’ve not found any premixed pink that works.  I’ve got a Holbein Pink, and bought a Holbein Coral Red (that looks Pinkish on the label), but they are not readily usable.  They don’t work unless mixed with white or something else,  and even then it’s pretty iffy.  They act more like a gel than an oil paint.  I need to figure how to mix my own pinks.

In any case, I enjoyed painting today, and think I’m making progress.  I worked on my Mom’s jacket, getting it ready for the pink values I want to add to it.

Agnes In the New World (detail)


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