Sunny Sky Bike Ride Day

I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday by grabbing my bike and camera and riding out to Sandstone Ranch via the St Vrain Greenway.

This is a montage of the photos I took; I stood in one spot and turned, snapped pics, until I got more than a 180 degree pan of the landscape.  Using Photoshop’s photomerge function, I pasted the separate snaps together to form the image above.  I think there’s material here for my next Greenway painting.  I probably won’t use the pasted panorama as the composition, but will play around with the photos to see what might work best.

Jerry Boyle visited my studio the other day and gave me some great feedback regarding my first two Greenway paintings.  I’ll continue working on those paintings, I think his comments will make them work better.

The Longmont Pecha Kucha team is busy getting ready for the April event.  Here’s a poster I designed to help promote it:


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