Other Art Forms

Caruso Italian Songs

While I’m thinking about my next painting, it’s a good time to mention another art form that’s probably as important to me (if not more so) than graphic arts.  I’m a music fanatic, and I’d like to chat about a recent find.

I stumbled across this CD of Caruso’s Italian songs that is my most played music at the moment.  This is a noteworthy release for a few reasons.  Someone took the old early 20th century recordings, cleaned them up, took out the old orchestra and dubbed a modern orchestra in it’s place.

The results are magical.  Caruso sounds alive, in a modern sonic setting.  His voice is a bit tinny, but all the hiss and pop have been removed, giving him a remarkable presence.  The orchestra is sympathetic and compatible to this approach.  This mix makes Caruso’s music accessible in a way that the old 78s could not.

The other thing this CD introduced me to is Italian song.  I would have never thought this genre would appeal to me, but the music is beautiful.  Besides favorites like ‘O Sole Mio’ & ‘Santa Lucia’, there’s marvels like ‘Tu Can Nun Chiagne’ (my favorite on the album).

To me, this CD is a perfect marriage of art and technology.  It resurrects a voice from the past and make it relevant to modern ears.


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