Playground | Painting in progress

I’ve been working on the second of my St Vrain Greenway landscapes.  This one is ‘Playground’.  It’s in Sandstone Park, on the north side of the park.  This is where I usually stop on my bike ride, have a drink, then start back towards home.

This painting captures the playground in the park at dusk.  It’s a different approach for me; I don’t think I’ve ever tried to paint something in deep shadows and twilight before.  It’s sort of like painting with colored mud. For me, the shadow area is turning into a place I can play with cubist motifs; using different shades of dark to push/pull the space.

I’ve put aside the first painting in the series.

It’s almost done (I think), but there’s something not quite right about it.  I’ll revisit when I’m done with Playground.

Charlie Louvin died today.  RIP.


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