Enjoying the View

Enjoying the view?

I put in some hours this week trying to catch up with this painting.  I concentrated on the clouds for yesterday’s session.

I used some Gamblin paints that I had bought because I loved the color names; Radiant Blue, Radiant Violet, Radiant Turquoise.  In the past, using these colors with my ‘usual’ palette was disappointing.  The radiant colors didn’t mix ‘right’ with my other colors, and brought on the worst of the radiant and whatever it was blended with.

In this case, the radiants seem to be approaching the sky effect I’m looking for.  It will take a few more layers to be sure.

I need to adjust the values in the foreground.  I think everything is a bit too bright.  But in general, I think the end is in sight for this one.

Since I’d like to do a series on the bike trail, the next challenge is finding and taking a good image for number 2.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the View

  1. Very Nice! Reminds of Iowa! Can picture myself in my car, with open door, camera in hand, looking over this field. Nothing quite like those majestic fields of the mid-west. Ah. Homesick – yes!

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