Things I Should Have Blogged | Part 1

Hola!  It’s been a busy time, with not enough time for painting or blogging.

Some of my paintings are hanging at the Boulder Chop House. I plan to get over there this week to take some pics and video of the installation.  I’ll have more to say when I post the pics.

Something I’ve been doing the past 6 months or so is donating graphic design work to the Old Firehouse Art Center (OFAC) in Longmont.  This includes post cards, brochures, and evites.  I am on the board of directors of OFAC.  Here are some examples:

There’s a lot of graphic design work to be done for OFAC; besides the print work, a new website is needed.  I’m attempting to put together a media team for OFAC graphics.  Working with two other board members, we’ve put together an OFAC media team, and are setting specific goals.  We’ve engaged two graphic art students to help us, and build their portfolio at the same time.  Our first goal is rebranding OFAC.  We’re making progress, I’m excited by what I’ve seen from the graphic arts students.

I have been painting the past few weeks, just not enough.  I’m working on a still life of balloons.  I’m going to my studio shortly, to work on it.  I’ll take some pics, and post for digestion.


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