Safeway Bouquet Redux

Safeway Bouquet in transition

Here’s the first big step in my attempt to get this painting to another, better, level of completion.  When I started the update last session, adding a definite horizon line was the first step.  Now, playing with the shadow cast by the flowers and vase, I’m hoping to strike sparks bring this composition to it’s full potential.

I’m not sure the addition of the blue shadow works ‘as is’.  I think it’s too strong, and draws too much attention, putting the painting out of balance.  The challenge in the next session is to keep the impact of the blue, but buffer it somehow.  Perhaps adding red/orange values back into the shadow?  Not sure yet.

I’m also focusing on the stalks and fringe below and above the roses.  This green area should be dynamic and interesting, but it’s not at this point.  I think the key to making these areas come alive is not thinking of them as ‘green’.  Other colors need to be introduced, but still allow the viewer to see as green.  I’ve tried to address this by throwing blue values into the stalks and fringe, but it’s not working yet.  I also put some yellow into the fringe . . . that may be a step in the right direction.

The ribbon needs work also.  I’ve started playing with it, adding more blue, as in the vase shadow.


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