The End of ‘What’s My Line’ & Back to ‘Safeway Bouquet’


I think I’m done with ‘What’s My Line’.  At any rate, I’m going to put it aside and look at it in a few weeks.

Today I began reworking a painting I considered finished, ‘Safeway Bouquet’ (

Back to Safeway Bouquet

I had a conversation with sculptor Jerry Boyle ( about this painting.  He had some very good comments.  He thought it was a great foundation, but needed more work.  I mentioned that I might start over, but he thought that I’d put in enough work to really start playing and experimenting at improving.

Talking with Jerry made me remember that art is supposed to be fun; that being an artist should be fun.  And an artist should always try to push the boundaries, especially their own boundaries. I should be giving each piece my very best, but I’m realizing that often I just stop on a painting because I’m eager to move on to the next piece.

So I removed the varnish on this piece, and began painting on it again.


2 thoughts on “The End of ‘What’s My Line’ & Back to ‘Safeway Bouquet’

  1. That elusive “I’m done”! Looks like a knock-out to me, but I think the time to let go of a painting is when you just know you can’t put your brush back on its surface. No matter what. Your idea to put it aside is the only answer. Next time you look at it, if you rush to pick up your brush to just fix one thing – well then….. Otherwise, you’ll smile and say – yup, I’m done.

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