Really . . . What is My Line?

What's My Line - In Revision

I’ve been very busy with my graphic design business for the past few weeks, so I haven’t had time to paint.  See bottom of page for example of my commercial work.

However, when working on Scott Fraser’s website, I asked for a critique of the ‘What’s My Line’ painting.  The advice was so illuminating and compelling, that I’ve begun reworking the piece.

Comments included making the background more of a consistent gradient, having the rose actually floating above the ground, and working on my edges.

I don’t usually radically re-work a piece the way I’m doing here; either it’s ‘done’ or abandoned.  But I’m realizing that I shouldn’t be in a rush to get these things done.  Sometimes it pays to continue to reworking the piece; I hope this is one of those times.

Commercial Art for Hire


3 thoughts on “Really . . . What is My Line?

  1. I really like the gradient in the background, puts more emphasis on the focal point – the roses – and I love the floating aspect. Adds mystery. That blue color is so gorgeous, and now one gets to appreciate how the blue can transition.

  2. Hello Dwayne,
    I like the 4/26 version quite allot. It had life, depth, color, and beauty. This version has those qualities drained from it. Not sure why.

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