What’s My Line | Same Painting, New Title

What's My Line?

More work on ‘What’s My Line?’, formerly known as ‘Clothespin Imposter’.  The old title didn’t sit well with me, but I didn’t have a better one . . . until now.  I think ‘What’s My Line?’ has a better ring to it.

I concentrated on building up the red areas of the rose and paper.  It’s getting there, but still not quite right.  I’m hoping to get a subtle synthetic feel to the red of the paper compared to the rose.  To this end, I used Cadmium Red for the rose, and Vermillion Red for the paper.  I’m hoping another session of building and layering reds will be enough to say ‘finished’.

Also, I added a thin glaze of Manganese Blue Hue to the background.

The foreground needs more work as well.  The way I set up the objects for my photo source resulted in some unique challenges.  It’s not apparent in the painting (so far), but the rose and clothespin are leaning against a pane of glass, and the glass is leaning against blue paper.  I stumbled on this while playing round with the composition.  It resulted in the appearance of the objects standing on their own.  The side effect is the line of the glass (near the stem and bottom of pin), and the odd shadow glaze that the glass casts between its edge and the blue paper.


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