Clothespin Imposter | Painting in Progress

Painting in Progress

I got some time to go paint today, and resumed work on Clothespin Imposter.

I’m trying to get the background to have some depth.  I applied some turquoise glaze, very thin, on selected areas, then dry brushed to blend into the blue gradient I put down earlier this week.  Then I worked on the white area at the bottom, creating an off-white by combining flake white with unbleached titanium white.  Then I softened the edge between background and foreground by dry brushing.

Then I mixed up some oxide green and naples yellow to work on the rose and clothespin.  I worked monochromatically, building up tones and contrasts.

Busy day tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll get back to work on it on Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “Clothespin Imposter | Painting in Progress

    • Thanks. I think it does need the red for the rose and crumpled paper tho. I will need to be very careful how I apply, so it doesn’t over power the composition. I’m thinking of a subtle red tint.

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