Fred Wolff | Character Study | Drawing

Frederick C. Wolff

Here’s something I worked on today; a drawing of my son, Fred.

I’ve been wanting to do a new portrait of Fred for some time.  The problem was he doesn’t like to pose for photos.  Although he did agree to a few photo sessions (for a Father’s Day request), his obvious discomfort was apparent in the pics.

Then I was rooting thru some photos I took last summer, and found this pose, in which (I think) Fred looks at ease.  I think I originally rejected this pic because it was taken in shade, with no strong contrasts or highlights.  Looking at it this morning, I realized it would be hard to capture Fred looking more comfortable, so I printed out the photos and took to my studio.

The original has a lot of background stuff; he’s standing in front of an old shed, of brick, with a wood door, with vines and leaves hanging down.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to leave those details out of the painting I’m planning from this photo.

Here’s the last painting I did of Fred, about 6 years ago.



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