Safeway Bouquet | The Painting

Safeway Bouquet

I’ve been working on this one for the past couple of weeks.  Check out my post of Nov 30 to see the preliminary sketch of this painting.

I finished it this afternoon, after letting it sit for a few days.  I was having trouble with both the flowers and the grassy stalks coming up behind them.  I wanted to make the stalks abstract, but still realistic.  And when I tried to put the details in the flowers, I felt I was weighing them down.  So I fussed and fretted over these details, finally stopping because I didn’t think I could make them better, only worse, by continued work.

On the other hand, I had fun with the background, spending several sessions just loosely dabbing various values of red, orange and yellow to build up texture.

Another decision was to leave out the white polka dots on the black bow.  I don’t think they added anything, only distracted.  My wife thinks it strikes a funereal note, but I think it helps bring the bright colors down to earth.

Now . . . what to paint next?


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