Whose necks?

imageI finished painting the individual bandanas today. I think I can call this piece finished, but I’ll wait to look at it tomorrow before I officially declare it done.



Here’s the model and his likenesses.

Viral cat


Continuing work on the cat stencil. I adjusted colors, from yellow to pink background, and other, more subtle changes, like green eyes and some brushwork to finish off the highlights.

Also working on Arches Art Board, which is holding up nicely and soaking up the colors much better than the stuff I’d been using.

Rubix Dog

2015-03-01 16.33.09

More work on the stencil dog composition.

Holly found a heated stencil cutter (sort of like a fine tuned soldering iron), which works wonderfully. Much better than cutting with blade.

Unfortunately, the paper I used had several problems, which I accepted with the notion being that this is still in the prototype stages. The inexpensive Italian watercolor paper did not take the paint well; it resisted nice coverage and buckled somewhat. Unlike the Arches blocks of paper.

I’ve sent off for some art boards, which is watercolor paper mounted on fiberboard.

2015-03-01 16.33.14

The next step on this (while I wait for the art boards to arrive), is to fill in the bandanas. Stay tuned.

2015-03-01 16.33.19