Dead body in my backyard

wirelessI noticed Chester sniffing around under one of the trees in our backyard, and discovered this fallen bird.

Upon closer inspection, it looks as if the bird is a predator.  There is what appears to be a tail is sticking out of its beak.  A field mouse? Did the last meal prove to be the Last Supper?  I could see no marks of violence.

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Progressive Petunia


This is an in-progress snap of an oil painting I started working on last week.

It’s a petunia growing in my yard. When photographing for this painting, I put a blank sketchbook page behind it to focus on flower with no background.

Hoping to finish this week, in time for opening my studio for 2nd Friday.

Second Friday


Every 2nd Friday of the month is art night in Longmont.

I’ve been opening my studio on these evenings. Last Friday these two women stopped by and allowed my to take a picture, which I used for this sketch.

My Three Kongs


Chester reluctantly posing with 3 of his Kong toys.  The two on the left are rubber, that you can stuff with treats.  The one on the right has a small opening (on the reverse of the displayed side) that allows kibble (or anything small enough) to fall out when a dog rolls it around.

I had found the smaller 2 Kongs while cleaning . . . the small one on the left has been unseen for months.  It struck me that lining these 3 object up might be fun.  I used my new technique of positioning my iPad on the floor for the shot, then crossing my fingers.

Monday Night Drawing

tony Last night was “long pose” life drawing at John Taft’s studio.

The model was my neighbor and friend Tony Umile, who had been asked by John to model.  He had not modeled before.

I’ve done drawings of Tony before.  Here’s one of him attending an art event in Longmont.