Eternal Spring

eternal-springThis is a piece I did a few years back that I have not posted on my blog.

“Eternal Spring” uses an automotive class spring that I got from a salvage yard.  It’s against an abstracted backdrop that was inspired by the spring shape and shadows.

I’m still working on my double panel floral series, but hit a dead end with the latest attempt.

Rose colored panels


Another session today on Roosevelt Roses.  I worked on the right center portion, and did some defintion work across both panels.  I think I’m at a finishing point, and am going to put it aside to dry and varnish.


Detail view of right center:RRdetail



Good year for the roses


I continued work on the Roosevelt roses today, starting by mixing up some yellow values.  Last time I worked on this, I had shifted the dark parts of the background towards red.  I added green, then mixed in transparent turquoise to make it darker.


I framed the latest pastel.

The Great War


BluepinkMore work on this 2 panel pastel sketch.

These roses are from the Roosevelt Park rose garden.  The park is circa WWI.  There are are 2 Teddy Roosevelt sculptures at the southwest corner of the park.

Counting flowers on the wall

sunny-roses2Sketching out another 2 panel flower composition.  This time exploring bright daylight as the background.

Not really getting the effect I’m looking for, it probably has to do with the nature of the pastels.  I think the pink/blue/yellow color combination has potential.

flowers-on-the-wall2I’ve put aside the oil painting Roosevelt Roses temporarily.  I put a thin layer of transparent glaze over both canvases to unify and deepen the surfaces.  Once dry, I’ll continue painting.