Red riser



This captures a new pastel in progress.

I photographed a bunch of daffodils that my wife, Holly, had placed in the living room.  Following up on The Switch, I created a composition that utilized a photo of a light switch and door jam.

The Switch

switchI’ve been working on this for a few weeks.  I’m trying a new technique that I accidentally discovered on a recent pastel.

For the The Locomotion, I had taped off the right side to balance the composition, intending to frame and mat to cover the taped area.  When I removed the tape, I like the effect of the early stage of the pastel showing next to the more developed section to the left, so I set out to consciously produce it.  The strips of tape on the left side are covering various layers of the composition.  In a work session or 2, I will add tape and/or remove tape and finalize.

In addition, my studio neighbor, Rick, loaned me some books by Antonio Lopez Garcia. The sketch of the light switch and door molding into the green field was inspired by one of his works.

Monday Night Drawing

mndI attended the life drawing session at John Taft’s studio last night.  He holds life drawing sessions every Monday evening, alternating between long pose and short pose sessions every week.  I don’t care much for doing short poses, so I go every other week for the long.  It’s a 3 hour session, which is about the right time for me to finish a drawing.

These sessions are catching on.  I arrived punctually at 6:30, to find the place packed with other artists, set up to draw, paint or pastel.  I had to set up outside of the room, looking thru the doorway.  I’ll be sure to arrive earlier next time.


Hulk meets Thing


This piece started out to be about pop tarts, but turned into a trompe l’oeil.

It started when I was re-setting up object in my staging area.  There had been two pop tarts leaning against the gray paper backing, and they left 2 circular grease spots that looked like eyes.  I arranged the tarts, pear and rock into a face like composition. Then I worked on it, on and off, for the past couple of weeks.

When finishing up, I emphasized the reflection line on the lower green area.  It created a 2nd face, overlayed on the first.

To me, it looks like the Hulk.  Green lips at bottom, rock for nose, and tarts for eyes.