Roosevelt Roses rising


I spent more time than usual at my studio this weekend, due to the last Longmont Artwalk of the year yesterday.  I greeted visitors from 4-8pm, and got some painting in between chats. I worked on the flower areas.

Today I concentrated on the background and leaves.


Progressive Roosevelt Roses


Continuing work on the roses panels.

Building up layers of paint, concentrating on the yellow roses.  The background space needs attention, and I’ll focus on that in my next session.

I’ve re-arranged my studio a bit, and here’s the setup for this work.




Roosevelt roses


I’m at work on a set of 20″ x 20″ stretched canvas panels.  This is a continuation of the preliminary sketches I’ve posted recently.  I think it’s beginning to look like ‘something’.

I used my studio time to clean up for tomorrow’s Longmont 2nd Friday art night.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by the Firehouse Art Center and visit the studios upstairs.

While cleaning, I came across this old watercolor or our beloved Cosmo, cast as Krypto, the DC super dog.



White roses squared



Today I finished the study of white roses.  If I keep working on it, I’m afraid I’ll ruin it.  The surface is about as saturated with pastels as it can stand. Working on heavy weight sketchpad paper worked out better than I’d hoped.  I liked using the white of the paper against the coverage of hues and values you can get with pastels.

When I consulted with my studio neighbor, Rick Stoner, about framing this, he pulled two shrink wrapped square (18″ x 18″) gallery wrapped canvas, and gave them to me.

Roses from Roosevelt Park



More work on the 2 panel yellow rose composition.

Some of the areas are becoming unworkable. Part of the freewheeling approach to this sketch was layering pastels and watercolor pencils on unprepared drawing paper. In general, I think it worked, but a few areas won’t accept additional pigment (for example, the dark flower areas in the center).

So it’s time to stop, and move on to the next step. I pulled off the masking tape. How to frame this?

Rose colored panels


This is a study for a 2 panel painting I’m planning.

I have been snapping pics of flowers I encounter on my walks ’round town. These were captured at Roosevelt Park.

I’m experimenting in this drawing. It’s the first time I’ve mixed pastels with colored pencils.